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May 22 2018

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The SS Normandie (1935), just before leaving the port of Le Havre. Taken by Roger Schall.

Source: loeildelaphotographie 

May 21 2018

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Kostas Antoniadis 

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Autumn Sonata - Klemens Brosch

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Gion district of Kyoto, Japan.  May 11, 2018.  Photography by Bernard Languillier on Flick

May 20 2018

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Earth seen beyond the rings of Saturn [512x512]

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Stevie Nicks, Oakland 1976, by Ken Regan. Many, many versions of this floating around, but I love this new, razor-sharp scan with delicate sepia highlights courtesy Morrison Hotel Gallery.

May 19 2018

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Frances Dee

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To satisfy queries into our offshore project from those kind enough to be interested …

Most folks derive what they know about offshore operations from the movie “Deepwater Horizon”.  The operation we are undertaking is different on many levels.  

Our platform “Big Foot” is a production and drilling platform while Deepwater Horizon was what is referred to as a MODU or Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit. MODUs generally move from lease to lease drilling exploratory wells so companies can determine if and how much oil can be produced from sites. Once the exploratory wells are completed the MODUs move on.

Big Foot will remain on station for upwards of 30 years and will produce oil from 9 wells and inject seawater into the formations via 4 water injection wells that are used to boost downhole formation pressure to increase oil production flow. The Drilling Module which is recognizable to most of you seeing the derrick is capable of  hoisting 2 million pounds of drill string against opposing forces of pressure and friction.  The drill strings penetrate 1 mile of water depth before hitting the wellheads on the ocean floor and extend another 3 miles to the reservoir.

The production facilities are designed for a capacity of 75,000 barrels of oil and 25 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. The Big Foot Field is estimated to contain total recoverable resources in excess of 200 million oil-equivalent barrels.

Regarding Big Foot’s scale compared to Deepwater Horizon; something that could never be fully realized from viewing photos, Big Foot is roughly 8 times the size.  To give you some idea of the size, I’m reposting some photos from several months ago. These photos were taken while still onshore and are taken from a gangway 12 stories above the ground to the lower deck of the platform. It’s this distance again from the lower deck to the upper deck at the top of the living quarters at the helideck,. Big Foot is truly a monster weighing in at 100,000 tons of solid steel or roughly the same as a US Navy nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

To those of you that have asked, thank you.  And know that every single precaution is being taken to make this a safe operation to feed humanities’ hydrocarbon addiction. Those of us on this project have a special appreciation and intense love for the beauty and vitality of our seas and marine life.  Believe me when I say, no one longs for the day we wean ourselves from oil more than yours truly.

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Leave who you were. Love who you are. Look forward to who you will become
— Unknown

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Untitled - Jean Faucheur (b. 1956)

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“When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” - Sinclair Lewis

On Sunday, at our mother’s day picnic, my sister said “Oh, I don’t think that can happen here.” I told her, “oh, it’s happening. If you weren’t white and Christian, you would know that.” She has the privilege of remaining ignorant, for now.

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Joseph Romeo

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