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June 29 2017

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Vincent Price fotografiado por Bob Willoughby, 1958

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Alexey Titarenko, Lake near Ozerki Metro Station, St. Petersburg, 1999

June 28 2017

A work of art is the trace of a magnificent struggle.
Robert Henri , born on this day in 1865, in The Art Spirit.  (via whitneymuseum )
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When the lava flow from Kilauea on Hawaii’s Big Island periodically enters the ocean, the sight is spectacular

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June 27 2017

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A Wet Night, Columbus Circle  -   William A. Fraser  ca.1897-98

British  1840 - 1925

Gelatin silver print


Nelson Atkins Museum of Arts

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A rare sighting of baby me in the wild. This was Spring Break junior year in college so I would have been 19.  I flew out to hang out with my friend from Singapore who’s Dad worked for my Dad. He was studying architecture at Texas Tech.

We drove all through West Texas in search of the perfect chicken fried steak. We were just friends when I arrived…..and a bit more after that. He was one of my first loves. A good old boy but worldly and smart as hell.  He wouldn’t sleep with me because he said “if I got you pregnant, my Dad would kill me.” He meant it.

We stayed in touch for a long time. Until he got his German girlfriend pregnant while living in Italy and married her. We fell out of touch after that.

One day I was in my office at CBS and my phone rang. My assistant picked it up and then came into my office in a rush.

  • Her: Some dude says he knows you from Singapore is on the phone. He saw your name in the Final Four credits and tracked you down. Sounds like a stalker.

We hadn’t spoken in 15+ years. We caught up. Eventually Facebook came around and we have occasionally reached out to say hey.  I ‘like’ the photos of him and his kids on vacation at Oktoberfest. He ‘likes’ my food.

He told me when his Dad died.

I did the same.

He posted this saying “Happy Birthday ol’ pal.  Ol’ indeed.

June 15 2017

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The MB dealer called. She rolled off the AMG assembly line in Affalterbach, Germany two days ago. Will be tracking the boat trip from Germany to Texas over the next 25 days with bated breath.

Why the anticipation? Have a listen: http://www.mercedes-amg.com/c63cs.php?lang=eng#exterior_section

June 14 2017

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Storm at sea (second edit)  2017

chester dewitt rose

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Sergio Bustamante

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“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed,” – William Butler Yeats

(photo: sarah lawrie)

June 12 2017

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June 11 2017

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ON THIS DAY in 2013, Clocks topped a BBC 6 Music listeners’ poll as the greatest song of the decade.

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Lord Tyler’s Garden 

by Alan Ayres

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30 Days In The Hole ~ Humble Pie

part of this mornin’s vinyl crawl…  =]

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Frank Sinatra in the Sands casino during the filming of Ocean’s Eleven, photographed by Bob Willoughby, 1960

June 10 2017

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RCA Building, Reinhard, Hofmeister, Hood, Harrison, and Corbett

New York, 1933


Americans quickly turned towards the electric light to illuminate and modernize their buildings and to bring a futuristic feeling to the night sky of the great metropolises. Some like Philip Johnson criticized these flood-lit buildings.  Other, like the great draughtsman Hugh Ferriss, found a vision of a new world in the illuminated city.  Many agreed with him, and American architecture changed forever.

“It is the habit to speak of a ‘modern manner’ as if there were just one, but already it is divided right down the middle. The Europeans get the Day; we get the Night….A favorite architectural illustration abroad is of a sunny summer afternoon.

Compare this with pictures by our own Hugh Ferriss, whom our architects consider the ‘greatest renderer in the world.’ In his ‘Metropolis of Tomorrow’ are sixty stations, among which a bare ten seem to represent daylight.

Here is modernism indeed. Thousands of years went by with their changes of style, but not until this century was there electric light, which, far, far more than the familiar triad of steel, glass, and concrete, has changed the basis of architecture. This is us.” - Nation, Douglas Haskell

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